P1G- 3137 “CCRS”  (Cross Country Race Suite) Huntsman Suite - SURPLUS

P1G- 3137 “CCRS” (Cross Country Race Suite) Huntsman Suite - SURPLUS

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"CCRS Huntsman Mk-2" (Cross Country Race Suit) Mk-2 is designed for active use in modern sport, outdoor (cross-country running, orienteering, practical shooting, vormint, sniping, paintball and airsoft, hiking, mountaineering and rock climbing). This suit can...

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"CCRS Huntsman Mk-2" (Cross Country Race Suit) Mk-2 is designed for active use in modern sport, outdoor (cross-country running, orienteering, practical shooting, vormint, sniping, paintball and airsoft, hiking, mountaineering and rock climbing). This suit can be also used as the suit for tactical training and training on the range and shooting in the autumn and spring.
CCRS Huntsman Mk-2 is made of the new Tuff-Shell® G2 3 Layer waterproof , Breathable membrane with Tuff yet soft rip stop surface which make it an ideal winter suit for tactical assault groups, as well as assault boarding groups, whose work means a chance to break softer and unprotected outdoor clothing made from other materials.
"CCRS Huntsman Mk-2" suit can be used by security squads and bodyguards as a basic working clothes for winter conditions and stormy weather in demi-season period, as well as the main field suit for hunters who prefer active and mobile forms of hunting in spring, autumn and winter time 
Tuff-Shell® G2 material has all the qualities of winter membrane material Tuff-Shell® G2 (elasticity, windproof, heat retention, moisture protection, no rustling in the movement, light weight), the Tuff-Shell® G2 has a reinforced upper layer reinforced with Rip Stop, which serves to more durability when martial operation clothing and equipment. Tuff-Shell® G2 is one of the few membrane materials, specially designed for use in the military field conditions at extremely low temperatures. As a rule, in winter field conditions for insulation used many layers of clothing, which in itself binds human movement. Most of the materials used for the upper layers of winter clothing, Tuff-Shell® G2 elastic (10% stretch material without loss of material properties returning to the initial state), thereby reducing the pressure on the person in action and do not prevent sudden movements.  
Most modern membrane materials with polyurethane surface are not suitable for low temperatures due to the fact that polyurethane hardens at low temperatures, which subsequently leads to hardening of the tissue in general. The result is a "rustling" in the movements. 
To protect Tuff-Shell® G2 membrane thermal farbric we don`t use polyurethane spray but use tight structured fleece (inside) that protects the membrane from exposure of low temperatures, abrasion and creates an additional layer of air inside insulated clothing made using Tuff-Shell® G2 This three-layer membrane structure fabric completely removes the effect of rustling.
Description of The Pant  from "CCRS Huntsman Mk-2" suit.
Pants have free cut, typical of sports pants. A wide belt is made of a double layer of fabric, which allows fix belts tighter. There are six belt slot for mounting a tactical belt with pouches, holsters, ammunition. It is necessary for shooters (pistol competitive standard equipment of IPSC), bodyguards and investigators for the purpose of concealed carry weapons and equipment. Two large main pockets on the sides of the pants have a wide "neck: for easy operation using insulated or tactical gloves. The lower part of the "neck" of the pockets has Cordura pads to prevent abrasion when wearing folding knives, tactical flashlights and multi-tools with metal fastening clips.
On the front of the pants are internal pockets, which can be used for mobile phones, folding knives, multi-tools or similar compact personal equipment. Pockets allow you take out content in any position, for example, sitting in a car.
The lower part of the trouser leg is equipped with YKK zipper for easy dressing, taking off trousers without removing shoes. Zippers can also be used to create holes for additional ventilation. 
Description of Jacket from "CCRS Huntsman Mk-2" suit.
Jacket "Huntsman Mk-2" can be used as complete with trousers "Huntsman Mk-2" and as a single item of clothing with any military, sport or civil pants.
The jacket is designed in a universal (military, urban, sport) style and can be used for both tactical exercises on the range and in the hunting, fishing, jogging, and while walking outdoor and people working undercover.
Free cut and the length of the jacket allows to hide the equipment and short arms, located on the belt and body.
Anatomical cut, flat seams and pockets on the jacket allow to wear it with the loading-system and body armor vests, backpacks and other tactical and field equipment worn over clothing.
The jacket is made like "anorak" style which improves its heat-protective properties. For the convenience of the dressing on the chest and sides of the jacket are YKK zippers, which can also be used as additional air vents.
Hood of the "CCRS Huntsman Mk-2" jacket has a large volume and three adjustment points. You can wear hood on top of helmets of any type and size, as well as over the winter and summer headgear.
On the chest there are volumetric external pockets, which can be used like hand warmers or for carry personal equipment. Pull tabs of the pockets allows to use pockets being dressed in tactical or winter gloves or mittens. Under the outer pocket is an inner hidden zipper pockets. This pockets are for carrying essential items such as maps, navigation equipment, documents, money, etc. 
On the back of the jacket is hidden zipper pocket. This is a pocket for carrying tactical gear or personal items.

The suit is equipped with environmentally friendly recyclable packaging made of synthetic fabric, which allows to transport and store "CCRS Huntsman Mk-2" or clothing and equipment of the same size.






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